Updated 4/2/2020 @ 2:48PM

Q: Why do I need a reservation?

A: One of the major requirements that TPC is concerned about is social distancing on site. The reservation system makes this task manageable.


Q: Can I get a cart?

A: TPC needs additional sanitation procedures in order to safely provide carts. TPC is continuing to review this policy. TPC is making carts available on a limited basis. Check the website regularly for changes to the Cart procedures. Customer safety is our first concern.


Q: Can I hit for more than an Hour?

A: TPC has implemented a plan to allow additional cleanup of range stalls between customers. This includes designated times for staff to prepare stalls at regular intervals. This does not allow for hitting more than the allotted time. TPC is continuing to review this policy.


Q: Have prices been increased?

A: Not at this time.


Q: Is there a separate Reservation or Rental fee for the driving range?

A: Not at this time.


Q: Are you going to get shut down?

A: TPC has been in regular contact with the Warren County Health Dept. in order to make a safe and clean environment for our customers. Here are some of the changes that have been made:

  • Range balls are being sanitized between each use. Yes, really.
  • Baskets are being sanitized between each use.
  • Employees are wearing gloves when touching any items that come from or go to customers.
  • TPC is accepting payment by phone to minimize handling credit cards or cash in person.
  • Access to the range and course are being controlled more tightly through the reservation only system.
  • TPC is strictly following social distancing guidelines. This is a NON NEGOTIABLE requirement to allow the facility to stay open. Preventing crowds from gathering and keeping people separated is the #1 thing that will keep TPC from being closed for non-compliance, and we are taking it very seriously.


Q: Do I have to do Social Distancing even if I’m outside?

A: Yes. TPC is following social distancing guidelines


Q: Is the Pro Shop open?

A: Limited supplies are available at the counter. The Pro Shop is not available for browsing and is closed to the public. Special orders can be picked up at the counter.


Q: Is TPC still accepting Trade-ins and used clubs?

A: Not at this time. TPC is continuing to review this policy.


Q: Are Demo, Rental, or Range clubs available?

A: Not at this time. TPC is continuing to review this policy.


Q: Will I be paired up with other golfers when I reserve a tee time?

A: No.